Monteriggioni to Siena Tuscany, ITALY

We didn’t depart Monteriggioni until after 10:30 even though the offical checkout was 10am. It was hard to drag ourselves away from a very tranquil and relaxing country Villa. It was also hard to face that this was to be our last walking day on the Via Francigena, so we were in no great rush to get away!

The weather was again kind to us, but it had rained heavily overnight making the path earlier in our walk rather boggy. It didn’t last long, which was just as well as it was challenging carrying another kilo of mud on the bottom of your boots!

Whilst Siena is literally 10km down the road, our path took us on the more picturesque route that covered closer to 20km. Most of the day was spent walking on pleasant leafy tracks or quiet country roads, however, the last few km’s were back on the main road taking us into Siena.

It will be our last night in Siena and last opportunity for real Italian Pizza and Pasta before we make our way back to Roma tomorrow and then an early flight home... so I suppose this is where we get a little sad as we sign off for this little adventure. We have had a marvellous time and have enjoyed every bit of all the wonderful places we have experienced whilst here in Italy. Bellissimo!

Views from and of our Tuscan Villa

The walk

Siena in the distance!

For the non believers...

Back in Siena. And the end of the road for this little adventure!
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Stephen Mathieson