Tucker High Students Riot Fires, screaming, unrest and arrests

Through shared discord, the students at Tucker took matters into their own hands. Current events unfolding made tension build and the students began to bring signs and set fires. Some declared it was over a mural, possibly pushing political views. Others only responded that our nation needs a revolution and it won't be televised.

In a very brief interview with President Trump, he stated "Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!"
Students amidst protest at J.R. Tucker High School, attacking police and peaceful citizens.
Some students even shouted, "We will escalate this to violence as much as need be. We will come to a town near you."

False claims of news lying or not informing them is what caused this uprising, protesters claimed in multiple, separate interviews. These misinformed children are just trying to bring attention to the left, but only in bad context. They should stay in their classrooms and get an education rather than paying attention to the world unfolding around them.

In a interview with the Henrico Police Chief, he responded "This is ultimately what they deserve for voicing their opinions; right now a majority are in a jail cell. They argue they feel voiceless, when they're screaming in the streets. I felt attacked protecting the peaceful citizens so I acted back with force. This is just my job, I'm only following orders"

Approaching students as a group, they all seem to have the same message. One rather mind opening young m, "This is happening and the whole world would rather turn a blind eye rather than the blunt and disappointing truth."

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