Show, Interact, Create By: Eric Heffelfinger

SHOW OBJECTIVE: Students will recognize, recall, and identify events leading up to the establishment of labor laws in the United States.

Children Working in a Factory

SHOW ACTIVITY: Students will listen and participate in a nearpod presentation about working conditions, miner revolts, child labor, no set minimum wage, and living conditions.

INTERACT OBJECTIVE: Students will interpret, analyze, and discover the first hand accounts of workers in the 19th century.

Students working in a Small Group

INTERACT ACTIVITY: Students will break off into small groups and analyze their primary document. The documents will be first hand accounts of workers in 19th century US. They will discover the cries for changes in working conditions as discussed in class.

Primary Document

CREATE OBJECTIVE: Students will be able to judge, evaluate, and conclude about what the document tells us about working conditions in the 19th century.

Students Listening to a Presentation

CREATE ACTIVITY: Students will present their findings to the class and we will discuss.


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