Ellie Hulun's Weekly Headlines Dec 24th - Jan 20th

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Hello Everyone! We've been really busy lately. We were in D.C. for 2 weeks and Mommy was hoping to get the Spark Page done and sent out then but Daddy had most of the Christmas pictures on his phone, so Mommy had to wait. Then we took Nana with us back to SC and have been helping her for the past few weeks. Not to mention I've been pretty fussy since we got back and not sleeping well. It turns out I have a double ear infection 😩. I'm now almost done with my medicine (I finish it up on Sunday) but I'm feeling better and am almost back to my normal self. So with all that Mommy has been pretty busy and her creative juices were just not flowing. But ... I'm back!!! Here's what's been going on since Christmas... We hope you enjoy!

A little Mommy Humor for you 😜

One other note... Once I started to feel better and Mommy had a minute, we had a sit down to discuss the direction of my Spark Page. We know how much my fans love the page and we all know how fabulous my life is however it's really not that fabulous (don't get me wrong it is awesome, just maybe not Weekly update awesome). Now that I'm 6 months old things are slowing down a bit so we thought it best that "Ellie Hulun's Weekly Headlines" becomes "Ellie Hulun's Monthly Headlines". This way we will continue to keep my fan informed but it will take some of the pressure off of Mommy to get it done Weekly. What can I say?... I should have interviewed her before I hired her to do my page but I was young and my options were limited. However she is a really good mommy so I guess that is most important and when she gets the page done she does a nice job! So I will keep her around for awhile 😊. You can expect the next Spark page to hit your in box around the end of February.

Mommy will go from this... 😜
To this... 😎 (Most of the time she is pretty calm and collected but every now and then there is something that throws a kink in things... like me not feeling well 🤒).

The Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house...

All ready for church

We were getting ready for church service. We attended the early family service where the children of the church preformed the Nativity. There I learned that Christmas is the day which Jesus was born, hence... "Christ"mas! Let me tell you, Jesus and his Mommy and Daddy had it rough. He was born in a manger which is like a barn with a donkey and lambs and a cow. I was born in a hospital with doctors and nurses. Now that is what you call roughing it! It was a nice church service and I got to lean the true meaning of Christmas.

Let's Go!
Look at how stinkin cute I am 😊
Christmas Eve Service
The children who preformed the Nativity

After the service we went for a walk down town and then had a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant.

Walking around downtown
Our favorite restaurant, Hampton's

We then drove to the park to see some Christmas lights.

The pretty lights at Swan Lake

Later we went back home where I got to open an early Christmas gift. I got Christmas PJ's. they were very festive red and white with a reindeer on them. I put my PJ's on and then we had a camp fire.

Mommy and Daddy let me open one present on Christmas Eve

What is it?

Christmas PJs

I like them

Our Christmas camp fire

After the camp fire I had to get ready for bed... Mommy and Daddy said that Santa was coming! I'm not sure about the whole Santa thing and what that has to do with Jesus but if it's true that a jolly man in a red suit flies a sleigh with 8 reindeer delivering presents all around the world to all the good boys and girls... Well, sign me up! So I put out my cookies and milk for Santa and then Daddy read me a story called "T'was the Night Before Christmas" and of to dream land I went.

Okay Santa if being a good girl was not enough... I've got milk and cookies for you!

"The Night Before Christmas" on the night before Christmas

Daddy is such a good reader.


There's Santa

Almost bed time

He Does Exist!

It's Christmas Morning and Santa came! When I woke up Daddy took me into the living room and there were all these presents under the tree. It's not like Mommy and Daddy could have put all those presents there. Santa even got my furry sisters a present. They've been pretty good this year, so they must have been on his nice list too. We opened up all the presents and then watched Christmas movies. Soon after I took a nap, opening presents is quite tiring. Later that day, Mommy and Daddy cooked a nice dinner and then we went for a family walk around the neighborhood. It was a wonderful 1st Christmas 😊.

Christmas Day... look at all the presents! (Click on he picture and swipe to see the rest)

Happy New Year!!!

New Years Eve was fun. We rang in the new year with a nice cooked dinner and watching the ball drop with Ryan Seacrest. BTW, did you see Mariah Carey's performance? Now I'm no expert (hey, I'm just a baby) but that was as Mommy would put it a "hot mess"! I mean Mommy's singing is way better than that. I think next year Mommy should preform her rendition of the ABC song 😊.

Hello 2017!

It's going to be a great year!

Time to party!

I did stay up until midnight and I got to see the ball drop, however I did have a few naps throughout the day.

The ball has dropped
Kisses all around 💋

Virginia is for Lovers ❤️

On January 2nd we headed to VA. Daddy had to go over seas for work so Mommy and I stayed with Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jon and Nana. We love VA as that is where Mommy and Daddy met and we have family and friends there. While we were in VA Mommy and I got to visit with some friends like Aunt Martha and some old dance friends of Mommy's. We had a few lunch dates where I got to meet my friend, baby Jackie. I also got to spent a lot of time with Nana, Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jon. While in VA I even got to see my 1st snow fall. Mommy bundled me up and out we went to play in the snow. It was cold and wet. We enjoyed our time in VA and with Nana so much that we decide to bring Nana back with us for a little visit.

What are these?

These are no match for Ellie

Okay, it's getting hot in here...

Me and Mommy in the snow

I told you those mittens were no match for me.

Tasting the snow

That does not taste like milk.

It's cold!

6 Months Old

I can almost do a passé!

I turned 6 months old on 1/17/17! It's hard to believe it's been 6 months already. At least that's what Mommy and Daddy say but I think that sounds about right. I mean, I was born on 7/17/16 and it is January so, yup... that's 6 months.

The Princess and the Frog

6 Months looks good on me!

The Happy Princess

I'm becoming such a big girl. I can babble and make all kinds of sounds. I love when Mommy sings to me. I enjoy story time. I love to jump. I can sit up on my own, however I do just fall over from time to time. I also can roll around the floor like a tumbleweed. I've eaten oatmeal, bananas, avocado, butternut squash, pears, green beans, peas and prunes. Green beans are my favorite thus far with peas and prunes coming in 2nd. I'm still getting use to the different taste and textures, so that could change. I can hold my sippy cup and put it in my mouth, I just have not quite figured out that I have to tilt it up to get the water or milk out.

Green bean face 😋

My 1st Time at the Playground

What fun! I've never been to the playground before. We've walked by it but this time I got to play with Mommy and Daddy. I got to swing and go down the slide. I'm still a little too small to do it by myself so Mommy and Daddy had to help. But I enjoyed it 😁.

Having fun on the swing

This looks scary

Oh no...

That last one wasn't so bad

Okay, the slide is fun too!

Check out my Jump Video

Princess meltdown ... Ellie OUT!

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