Stock Project Yujin jang

First reflection

My best company was Texas Pacific Land Trust because it was 4.33% increasing. And my worst company was Silicon Motion Shs. which was 11.96% decreasing. I will try to buy companies that has a low percentage and that are going to increase. I am planning to make my rank go up or change my return to a positive percentage.

Second reflection

I was in the 30th place before, and I went up to 28th. The reason why I am in a low rank is because I only invested in companies that are in a positive percentage. My best stock was Netflix which increased 2.75%, and my worst stock was Cameco corporation which decreased 5.79%. I bought stocks that are in a negative percentage to make changes to my portfolio because those stocks have more chance to increase. For my portfolio, I want to change the percentage to positive.

Final Reflection

In my portfolio, Netflix was the best company. It raised over 5%, and almost did not decrease. The worst company was Samsung because it decreased over 5% and did not increase that much. When I first started this project, I just bought the company that is increasing. Later, I noticed that the decreasing company has more chance to increase, so if I could redo this project, I would look if the percentage is decreasing or not. I would invest in Samsung because it had more chance to increase when I started this project.

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