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Teacher of The Week: Paul Muller

By Rachael Meredith

Paul Muller is the gym teacher here at Manor New Tech. He is very quiet, laid back, and easy to talk to. You can always find him wearing some kind of athletic wear.

Mr. Muller began working here in 2009 when Mr. Zipkes invited him to be the P.E. teacher.

“I was working at a soccer club and Principal Zipkes had his kids in the program at the time,” says Mr. Muller. “His wife thought I'd make a great teacher so she introduced me to Mr. Zipkes and he happened to have a spot open up.”

Mr. Muller enjoys this job because he gets to help people.

“There's two things that I think are important in work: that I'm helping someone out and that I have to enjoy what I'm doing.” said Mr. Muller.

Mr. Muller got the opportunity to paint the gym because it wasn't the way he wanted it to look.

“The students and I painted the gym, it's something that I get to see everyday,” said Mr. Muller.

Mr. Muller makes sure he starts every day off right to ensure that it is successful.

He says, “I come in, make sure the agenda is posted on the board, I check my emails, and get the balls ready for the students.”

If he had enough money to sustain himself for the rest of his life, Mr. Muller would continue working here.

“I’d have to be doing something. I enjoy it here, I’m here everyday, so I would still be here,” he said.

Mr. Muller has important morals he sets in place for each of his students.

“They need to respect each other and themselves,” he says.

He believes that students should have to take gym every year of high school every day.

“I wish that every student, every day had P.E. because adolescents of y’all’s age need to be physically active for at least 60 minutes a day,” he says.

Mr. Muller thinks the most important trait to have when a student walks into his gym is to be physically active.

“The want to be physically active is important,” said Mr. Muller.

To make sure the class is active for the majority of the class he has a few strategies he has set in place.

“Starting with the warm-up, I have the class do it all together that way I can see them doing it and make sure they aren't cheating themselves,” says Mr. Muller, “Also, if the students are physically active the majority of the class, the last 10 minutes, they can do whatever they want.”

Outside of school, Mr. Muller enjoys spending time with his family and being active.

“I recently got married, so family activities and I also coach soccer as well,” says Mr. Muller.

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