Life Lessons Following Where God Leads

Today, I learnt that God's plan is always best. Everyday He has a plan for you as revealed in His Word, but we must be willing to follow. I did that today and was truly blessed.

It was only last Sabbath, that I found out about the Women's Ministry weekend retreat to be held this weekend. I felt impressed to inquire about it and as soon as the thought came into my head, I was already looking for reasons as to why I could not attend. But it was too late - I had written my name down and had committed to attending.

I had put it out of mind, not intentionally, but I suppose subconsciously I had told myself I would find a reason not to attend. Then before I knew it, Friday was here and I had not paid for my ticket. I called the organizer from my church and she informed me that she had returned the extra tickets as she had not heard from me - here was my chance not to attend - no ticket, no attendance.

Sabbath morning, I was awaken to the ringing of my cell phone. It was the organizer, she had made arrangements for me to have a ticket and attend. God surely has a sense of humor. So off I went to the meeting.

What a powerful message entitled "Upgrade My Dirt", and the scripture text, Luke 8: 5-8; 11-15. A parable I read time and again, have heard many sermons about it, but what a different perspective this had. I had always looked at the soil as other people who the gospel message was shared with, but never did I see all three types of soil as me throughout various stages and in different circumstances of my life. The soils and the issues with them is me and the things in my life that I hold on to or that hinders me from growing in Christ as I should. Wow! Mercy Lord!

Dry, cracked soil - lacks nourishment and cannot bear fruits
Rocky Soil - plants cannot take root
Soil with weeds/Thorns - grows the wrong type of plants

Realizing this and taking stock, the question now remains: Can the soil be changed? The answer: Absolutely. But how? Only by allowing and accepting the sacrifice of Jesus ( my compost) dying on the cross so that I could live. To revive or change the soils of our lives, so that they can grow healthy plants and become good soil, we must add compost (dead, decomposing matter). Something must die so plants could grow and live, likewise Christ had to die so we can live. God has to clean us up - remove all the rocks of our lives, the thorns and weeds, water us and fill us with the Holy Spirit and make us into good soil. But we must be willing for Him to do this for us.

Compost - dead, decaying organic matter
Jesus dying so we can live!

This will be painful and sometimes it could be a long process, but it is worth it all. Then once we become good soils, we must bear fruits (pass on the lessons from the Word of God to others) and allow God to maintain the soil (prayer and study His Word). If the soil is not maintained, the rocks will show up again, the weeds and thorns will find their way in again, the soil will again become dry and cracked and the plants will die and the soil will once again become useless.

Let God be the Lord of your life. Allow Him to clean you up, give Him permission to weed your soil, to water you and let Him be the Master Farmer of your Heart. Let Him live in you and through you.

The Farmer will maintain the soil of your heart

Today was a good day with God! Lesson learnt! Praise God!

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Joan E. Goulbourne


Created by Joan E. Goulbourne March 4, 2017

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