Poem Portfolio 2

I Droped A Rose In A Blender

I had rose

I let go of it

It landed in the blender

Which was on

And it died

I got Bombed


Went out

To get groceries

Then the planes came

So now I smoke while

Listening to music

Ma gurl left me

For dood with big pecks

And who was tall

And did I mention he had big pecks

Life in plastic

I'm a Barbie

Girls play with me

Boys take my cloths off and watch

Dogs chew on me

The Hoarder

The Accident

There was a bus full of kids

They saw a sign that said

Have a nice day

Right after they saw that sign

They crashed into a preschool

A everybody Died

The End

Summer time

It the time of the year

When you make many mistakes

That you will regret in the future

But forget about all that

its time for max'in re



Guarantees us Salvation

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