Organization and Time Saving Tools By Kelli Karlson is a great noise monitor for educators! During center rotations, partner/group work, and games you can have students monitor their own noise level by projecting this website. One of the best things about this tool is you can adjust the sensitivity of the noise to suite your comfort level. I also love that you have the choice to change what "bouncy ball" you are using (choose from eyeballs, bubbles, plastic balls, or emojis)!!
Using a stopwatch that can be projected on the board can allow students to monitor their time wisely. I use the online stopwatch to give students, and myself, a reminder of how much time is left to work on bellwork, center rotations, and partner/group work. You can use this tool as a countdown or a stopwatch.
Remind is perfect for middle school and high school teachers. Teachers can send all sorts of reminders to students, safely. I have heard teachers and coaches rave about how easy it is to remind students and parents what events are coming up or any announcement that needs to be acknowledged. There are so many different ways you can use remind, but one of the best properties is being able to add co-teacher support.
Class Dojo is a classroom management tool that allows students, teachers, AND parents to monitor student behavior and goals. There are so many little pieces to ClassDojo, but setting groups for review games and partner work is one of my favorites. You can monitor groups as a whole, instead of putting in points individually. Another part I use regularly is the Random button. It will random select a student for you (for when those moments arise when no one wants to answer the question you just asked...for the second time!)


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