Elements of Art Lisseth Chan


We see lines in every place,

and they are forming different shapes,

but guess what?

lines don't exist.


The camara has a good shape,

but the most beautiful shapes,

are the ones that we take.


We have many color in this life,

but the brown of your eyes,

is the most perfect ones,

in my fantasy life.


The darkness of the sky,

and the brightness of the rainbow,

are the beautiful colors that I apply,

on my perfect shadow eye.


The form of the flowers,

are most difficult to draw,

and every single detail count,

because the beauty of them,

nobody can understand.


The rocks feel rough,

more than what I tought,

and the leaves feels soft,

than the cottom that I lost.


We have many space in this world,

but the space between,

the lake and rocks,

is the most perfect one.

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Lisseth Chan

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