The Cult of Dowism "Is this font matching the content?"

Tiny Chester is a smoll bean in this early shot of him.

Chester Dow Tate; Dow Tate; Tate; Mr.Tate; PoTate; say any of these names and we will know who it is you speak of. This man, this legend, saved us many years ago by starting J1. In the beginning, near the time of the great dinos, Chester taught down in Texas. Why, I do not know. Texas is a strange land. But then Chester came to Kansas. He unknowingly became our almighty leader. When I funded the Antartican Over Lords and began our group chat, little did I know it would turn into the Cult of Dowism. Yet, I sit here today telling you the tale of our beginning.

T'is an old photo of our leader.
Here is the colourized picture of the picture of our almighty leader.

I really do not know much of Chester's past. He is a dark star, a mystery, to us all. He is the rarest of creatures that roams this earth. We see him sitting in front of during every class, watching us with precision. We see him at his desk, listening to Gma's fire Christmas Mixtape. We see him roasting certain students in the back corner of the room, slowly ripping out her soul and aspirations in life. But do we see him? No, we do not. It is impossible to see and comprehend the glory of Chester. That is why we must obey him during class (also because of grades and the like but whatever).

This classical piece was done by ancient followers of Dowism. In it we see two followers pondering over the wonders of Chester's writing.

Chester often is quite rough with the grading of student's writing. There are times where we must present our works in front of the class. These times are often referred to as "The Roast", "The Roasting Session", or "The Roasted and Toasted". No matter what you call it, these are hard times and are regular in Chester's class. No matter what, though, we still adore Chester because Chester is life.

Actually photo of Chester during "The Roast"


  1. Never leave food out in Chester's land. Thieves will steal it, especially during lunch time. Popcorn = gold.
  2. Follow Chester's lit Spotify. His username is C. Dow Tate and he will soon make a playlist called the "Slaylist".
  3. Respect the Chester. He is a gentle creature (except during "The Roast").
  4. Do not show fear, or any emotion for that matter, in his classroom. If you do, you will be seen as weak and never accepted as a High Priest of the Harbinger.
  5. Sit in the chairs in the back. The real, official desks with tables are overrated and they do not give you the best view of Chester's teachings.
  6. The mitochondria is the power house of the cell.
  7. Vodka is not a kid's toy. Do not shout that out as a kid's toy.
  8. That Indian Jones doll is the new "Mr. Steal Your Girl". Praise him.
  9. Call him Chester. Not Tate. Not Dow. His name is Chester.
  10. Be prepared to have your heart and soul literally ripped from your grip. Watch it burn. Watch it die. Watch everything turn to ash.
Why does Chester not use this Twitter anymore? Bless be this Twitter.

Chester is a creature we respect. We listen to him. There is no need to know his past; let him be the dark star he is. Let him be. Let Chester be Chester. Ask him to be Chester, to show you the way of Chester. Ask him to initiate you as a Chester.

This is the true, real face of Chester
Follow this playlist. It is the theme for this class. It is Chester's soul.

Soon, there will be a website for Chester. We are dedicated beautiful time and effort into making sure we tell the story of our great Almighty Leader. Praise be fam. Do not dongoof.


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