Quality of Life whAt makes a good QUALITY of life?

Every country has a different qualities or inequalities of life. Some are struggling to receive fresh water, while some are struggling to find a job. But what qualifications does a country need to be considered "good"? I have reaserched the following three countries; Guinea , Mauritius, and Slovenia, to determine the quality of life these countries survive.


Fresh water is very important for survival because without access to safe drinking water can cause dehydratioan. Or, if your drink unsafe water, it can cause sicknesses, or even death without proper treatment. I have discovered that Mauritius and Slovenia both have 100% access to save drinking water, witch leads to a greater quality of life. Guinea only has 60% of the population drinking safe water (or having access to it), witch leads to a lower quality of life quality of life.

Guinea is the most expensive place in the worlds to buy water, because they have little of it, while Mauritius, (top left) and Slovenia (top right) are surrounded by water.


Slovenia has a very higher literacy rate of 99.7%, and 92.6% of children are attending school. Mauritius also has a good literacy rate of 90.6%, and a very good education of 89.8%. Guinea on the other hand has a very poor literacy rate of 30.4%, with only 41.8% of children attending school. countries need a good education for a good quality of life because without a proper education, these children cant go on to be healthcare workers or doctors, leading to a lower lifespan.

Some children in Guinea don't get to attend school at all.


mauritius has a good life span of 75.6 years because of there great healthcare system. slovenia also has a long life expectancy of 78.2 years because of there great healthcare system. But Guinea has a very short life expectancy of 61.03 years because of there poor healthcare and education systems.


Guineas poverty rate is very high, with 49% of its population living without food or water. Mauritius on the other hand has a very low poverty rate, with only 8.7% of its citizens living in poverty, and Slovenia with 14.5% living in poverty. This has a very big impact on the quality of life in these countries, because living without food or water can be devastating, and can lead to illnesses or death.

My country's definitely differ on the HDI scale

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