Web Development & Programming Unity Game Development

Web Development & Programming I Course No. 6680 -------- 36 weeks -------- 3 credits Dual Enrollment (Optional)

This is a universal course designed for students who are interested in expanding their ability from users of technology to actual developers. The course is an introductory to computer science and software engineering. Students will learn and understand the significance between human interaction, problem-solving, web development, and programming. Students will develop a proficiency in designing and creating desktop-published projects, multimedia presentations/projects, and Web sites, using industry-standard application software. Students will apply principles of layout and design in completing projects. Students will create portfolios that include a resume and a variety of desktop-published, multimedia, and website projects produced in the course. Students will learn HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.Web Development & Programming II

Web Development & Programming II Course No. 6681 -------- 36 weeks -------- 3 credits Dual Enrollment (Optional) Prerequisite: Web Development & Programming I

Students develop advanced skills for creating desktop-published, multimedia, and Web site projects. Students work with sophisticated hardware and software, applying skills to real-world projects. Building on their foundation of programming skills, Advanced Programming students use object-oriented programming to develop database applications, interactive multimedia applications including game applications, mobile applications, and Web applications.

Continuing Education: Web Development & Programming I & II offer Dual Enrollment with ECPI University, where qualified students can earn credits towards furthering their education. Students must apply for dual enrollment status.

Job Outlook: Computer-related occupations (Web developers, programmers, database administrators, network administrators, help desk professionals, digital media specialists, and technical support technicians) will account for 8 out of the 20 fastest-growing occupations in Virginia during this decade. Job prospects in the Information Technology (IT) field will be excellent for students who can combine strong educational and technical skills with good interpersonal and business skills. Graduates of this course are encouraged to pursue post-secondary associate/baccalaureate degrees in IT/Computer Science programs of study or technical programs leading to industry certification.

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