The Ball Brothers By: Miguel Gonzales

Swish! Zo drains another 3 pointer in this game against Kentucky, the UCLA Bruins are up 2 now, while in Chino Hills high school, Melo and Gelo have 30 points each against Oak Hill Academy, the Chino Hills Huskies are simply toying around with Oak Hill at this point.

Around 10 pm, Zo, Gelo and Melo went home with a win, both UCLA and Chino Hills won by at least 15 points, Zo finished with 48 points and 7 dimes, while Melo and Gelo combine for 60 points.

Real talk, I carried my team, Zo says. So did I, Gelo replies. What you talking about bruh? We both had 30 points, Melo says to Gelo. He then replies, but I also had 5 assist and 10 rebounds, you only had 30 points and 2 assists. Who cares, both y'all did good, Zo says to the both of the them.

Friday, around 6:15 in the morning, Zo in the kitchen cooking breakfast with his father LaVar, they were cooking bacon, eggs, french toast. Zo went to go wake up his brothers upstairs. Zo in the morning likes to wake up Melo with loud music just for fun.

YO ZO GET OUTTA MY ROOM! Melo shouts. Come downstairs and eat breakfast, Zo laughs, Whats all the noise? Gelo asks. Zo played loud music again! Melo says.

As usual, the brothers would eat breakfast then go to practice. Zo will practice with them. They will practice at a local gym since the Chino Hills gym is getting cleaned and organized for tonights game against star Jaylen Hands and the Foothills Christian Knights.

After they finish working on their drills for tonight, they would do a 5v5 scrimmage, which this practice, Zo will go against both his brothers.

I got Zo, Melo says confidently. You can't guard me lil bro, Zo tells him.

Zo knocks down a 3 in front of Melo's face

While at the other end, Melo is wide open for 3 however Zo quickly gets back to defense, Melo fakes then does a little shake n bake crossover and then passes to Gelo for a quick layup. They just keep playing until they get exhausted just like the old days they would practice.

Around 12:30 pm, they go home to relax for the game. Nowadays, Melo would go live on Instagram and play around in their back court. 5:55 pm, Melo and Gelo get ready for the game and go to Chino Hills high school. When they arrived, Jaylen was already there. 6:25 and the game begins.

Foothills Christian wins the tip off, Jaylen with the ball. He accelerates to the basket for a easy 2. Melo already at the other side, gets the ball and quick triggers a 3 which he knocks down. Jaylen now with the ball, gives it to his teammate, he fakes it and gives it back to Jaylen, he shoots a 3 and he drains it easily. Melo gives it to Eli who gives it to Gelo in the post, who does a little fake and spins for 2. The game is also being broadcast on TV where people who could not attend can watch the game.

Meanwhile around 7:20 pm, a man wearing a face mask breaks inside the Ball brothers household, who gathers a lot of clothes jewelry, shoes and puts it in a large bag. Nobody was home, everyone was at Chino Hills. Altough the neighbour sees a broken glass door and so they called 9-11.

The game tied at 55-55 at halftime, Jaylen already with 18 points and 7 assists. Not a very good first half for the Chino Hills at the paint. 3rd quarter begins, Melo starts off with a deep 3, air balls but luckily Gelo was there to put it in the hoop. Chino Hills struggling to keep up with Jaylen. He seems to be doing everything, he can knock down the 3 ball, drive to the basket while getting contact, pass to an open man while being heavily guarded. Melo runs up the court, he pulls from half court and he drains it. Everyone was shocked!

The game is now 68-65 for the Chino Hills Huskies, with 2 minutes to go, Jaylen passes it to his teammate which he drives and gets fouled plus a bucket for 2.

#23 mass the free throw and so Foothills is only down by 1 point. 45 seconds to go, Melo with the ball, he passes it to Gelo, Jaylen intercepted the pass and drives for 2. Now the Foothills are leading by 1. Melo with the ball, he is getting double teamed from half court, he passes it to Gelo, passes it back to Melo. He does a behind the back crossover, 3, 2, 1, Melo shoots a wild shot and it rattles in!

Chino Hills win! 71-70. Jaylen played hard at the end but came a bit short. After the game, Jaylen and Ball brothers chilled and went out to eat.

While in the house of the Ball brothers. the masked man was caught in by the neighbours and cops came immediately which caused the masked man to leave without nothing. As soon as the family came home, they see full bags of clothes and other valuables. Cops are still searching for the masked man but for now he is nowhere to be found.


My other one got deleted so I had to restart, luckily it didn't take too long.

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