Portfolio Process What did I gain from taking CU 1010???

Journal: Portfolio Process

The portfolio process was a great idea in my opinion! Along with the books assigned to us to read throughout the semester. In my opinion it was a perfect match up. Not only did it allow me to look at things from another perspective but it also showed me that no matter the problem or conflict there’s always another way. But it’s up to us as individuals to use those tools that we learn during the process in a way that’ll benefit both our mind, body, and soul in the long-term as well as the short-term. To be honest this assignment was a great tool for rekindling the good study habits that I use to have before college. Before this semester, I was clueless to how much of my good study habits had changed in the transition from highs school to college. This process showed me that my daily life during highs school played a significant role in my ability to process material mentally.

And to be honest classes like CU 1010 continue to make me believe that things happen for a reason. Without this class I probably would spiraled into a deeper depression eventually given up for the first time in years. And that’s a very hard thing for me to do—almost like a 1 in a millionth chance. Growing up I was taught to never give up until you believe your good is better and your better is your best work. I can proudly say that this class restored my hope as an individual and as an engineering major. And lastly, I agree with my teacher that this course should be a choice for all students. And should be taught solely by Mrs. Bryn because she’s the BEST!!!

The Best CU 1010 Professor
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