Wendy's Soviet Union Commercial

  • This was showing that during the cold war the soviet union gave women no say in what the fashion industry
  • Wendy's was saying that if you come to their restaurant, you get to put whatever you want on your burger.
  • If you go to Wendy’s you are basically being patriotic

Apple Super Bowl Commercial

  • Everyone is marching in sync because their dictator told them how to walk. What speed and how they should look.
  • There is a woman running with an axe because she represents the freedom and american companies. The American company she is representing here is Apple.
  • Reference to a book called 1984

MacGyver TV Show

  • MacGyver became famous for using his brains, duct tape, and a swiss army knife to combat the KGB and Cold War era weapons
  • About a guy named MacGyver who is an agent for a government agency
  • MacGyver served as a Bomb Team Technician during the Vietnam War
  • By making things out of ordinary objects, MacGyver solves complex problems
  • He prefers not to use guns

M*A*S*H* TV Show

  • Takes place in korea
  • MASH stands for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
  • Revolves around a top ranked person in an US MASH in the Korean War
  • In korea, the 4077th MASH was one of the surgical units
  • A character named Hawkeye makes references to “kicking the bejesus out of lefties just to stay in shape”
  • Aired while the Vietnam War was still going on and they were forced to not go against or for it
  • Some episodes the show mocked or questioned America’s role in the Cold War
  • One show was silly then the next could be very sad. The tone changed very often

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