To Kill A Mockingbird SAMANTHA MUREDDA

Four key moments:

1. When kids told descrpiton about Boo Radley

Perspective of Boo Radley: I love to watch the kids play through my kitchen window. Seeing there smile on there faces when they run through the yard. I wish the kids really knew who I was and they knew me and my personality and what I like to do. I really don't mind playing little games with them in the tree and everything, it gives me something to do. Sometimes I wonder what people really say about me and I mean if my neighbor was locked up for a while I would assume all kinds of things. I don't eat animals, I don't have rotten teeth nor do I have bloodstained hands and I am not truly chained up.

2. Scout goes to first grade and hates it

Perspective of Scout: I hate first grade. Miss Caroline is the worst teacher you could imagine daddy. She doesn't let me read and write so I am not going back to school Atticus. She sent one of the Edwell kids out because he had cooties ... I mean it was mean but true and they do have the lowest society class of all. She also tried to give Walter a quarter but he couldn't take it because he wasn't allowed to take it because he couldn't pay it back.. so I invited him over for dinner one night hopefully you mind Atticus. I think he really enjoy it.

3. Jem destroys Mrs. Dubdose garden

Perspective of Jem: I hate her. Atticus she always has mean negative comments... she hate "niggas". I lost my temper. Please don't make me have a punishment, I didn't realize what I was doing until after I had done it. I don't want to read to her every Saturday for two hours. Atticus please don't make me do it. She a drug addict, she don't deserve nothin, and you know it. I will never come near her again but please don't make me , Scout loses her temper all the time and gets in fights! Why you punishing me only. She doesn't even need me to read to her.

4. Bob Ewell attacking the kids

Perspective of Boo Radley: I love to watch Scout and Jem walk home, laughing and talking. I look away for one second and I see a man attacking the kids with a knife and I hear screaming and yelling and crying. I grab Bob Ewells knife he had with him and stab in his underneath ribs. I can't believe the man who tried to kill the kids was Bob Ewell.. he has no filter. He is a terrible man. Thankfully I got covered up for killing him and everyone believes he tripped on his knife and killed himself. I ain't do nothing wrong I was saving those children and I will any other day I need too. That man is full of hate, but shouldn't take it out on the kids, should be a man an talk to Atticus, I will forever be disgusted.


What I learned from this assignment was what it must feel like to be the characters in the book. I got to feel like how I would feel in that situation or how I felt the character would act if I was them. I think Mr. Crooke's purpose of this assignment was to see what its like from the characters eyes.. or point of view. (Title of project!) Looking from the character eyes got me a better look at the book and what is was like to be in their shoes. I would of never thought of the characters point of view if I never had to do this assignment. This assignment was a cool assignment I really enjoyed it and glad I did it because now when I read other books I'll be thinking of the characters point of view and really get a feel for the book.


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