Hello. My name is Jacob!

My name is Jacob Youmans. I was born in Georgia, July 5th, 2001. I have moved basically all over the eastern south, throughout my life travelling from Georgia to Texas, and heading here, in North Carolina. I am a music player/creator, a gamer, and an artist. I draw digital art and create random little MIDI sequences online! I'm attempting to create a concept for a game that I plan on making, and I felt that Adobe Digital Design would actually help me in both making these concepts in terms of art, possibly creating and designing music for this game, and helping me in terms of my own separate digital art career.

I have a lot of interests, mostly centering on games; I am a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog (Not the modern ones because those suck nowadays, I mean the classic platformer style ones) and Super Smash Bros, and I enjoy games like Dark Souls, Subnautica, Fallout, Portal and Overwatch. I plan on making my own, as I have mentioned, and I like contributing to those who also want to make their own projects come to life! I am also, as mentioned before once again, an artist, and I spend my time either making crappy little drawings on MSPaint, sketching out slightly better drawings on my phone, or using a drawing tablet for my computer to make whatever I can. I also enjoy listening to and making music; I like dubstep and any sort of NES soundfonts, but I enjoy music of any kind. Good music is good music.

I have 1 brother, 1 mother and 1 father. My brother is an awesome little 4 year old who loves dinosaurs, fruit, and chicken nuggets. He's a cute little guy who's trying to figure out how to life right now, and he makes the absolute best jokes on the planet. My dad's a pretty cool guy who shows me around some things that I wouldn't have known were awesome if he wasn't there. He takes me to cool restaurants, he takes me camping; he's a cool dad. Mom's really nice too; she holds our little family together. She treats me whenever I feel sad, and helps me out on anything I need help with.

My dad, mom, and me as a small little baby.
I was adorable as a kid, I think. XD
Me, mom and dad on a hiking trail.
Me and mom! :D
Me 3 years ago showing my bro some dinosaurs. ^^
Me about 3 years ago playing ball with my brother. ^^

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