Joy Lee portfolio

Artist Statement

My name is Joy Lee. I was always interested in Photography because when you see photos when you were young, you can think memories that you've forgotten. I think photos are so awesome and magic to remind people. What has influenced me was going out around the school and just taking random photos. That helped me a lot. I enjoy to be in this class and hoping that I could be improved as time goes by.

Favorite Photographs
The day when I took this photo was sunny. I wanted to use light coming upright as a diagonal line. I also tried to make “Rule of Thirds” photo to catch viewer's eyes. I like that it’s in focus out of focus, so you can get more attention at the center. (Aperture 5.6, Shutter Speed 1/800, ISO 800, Focal Length 55mm)
Sometimes you feel like the world is savage even though you expected as good and tried your best to be treated well from people. I wanted to describe those things in my photo. I used “Gradient Map” tool in Photoshop to make the left side look creepy. (Aperture 5.6, Shutter Speed 1/200, ISO 400, Focal Length 55mm)
When I took this photo, I wanted to use the stairs for leading line, so I told her to seat on the chair and face the out of the camera. I can see lots of lines, so personally this photo is my favorite! (Aperture 6.3, Shutter Speed 1/60, ISO 2000, Focal Length 34mm)
I tried to make a story inside of my photo. The story I tried to make was one person's running the hallway and she sees the warning sign to slow down. I personally like this photo as well. It took me a while to edit this photo using Photoshop like using brush tool, but it was fun. (Aperture 3.5, Shutter Speed 1/100, ISO 3200, Focal Length 18mm)
I like the color. It’s reddish brown which is hard to see for the tree color at HHS(Heritage High School). I wanted to make it focus at the center. But most of all, I love this photo because I can feel the texture in the photo. The line you see at the center shows you the texture. I can feel that it’s gonna be rough but also soft. (Aperture 5.6, Shutter Speed 1/50, ISO 800, Focal Length 36mm)
My Influential Photographer Presentation

My Personal Essay

Sometimes I look at the photo album that my parents took when I was young. I was pretty positive that I remembered all the memories, but most of the time I forget memories whenever I look at the same photo album. Photography is such an amazing power. It reminds your memories that you always wanna keep forever. I was always interested in photography but I never had a chance to take photos professionally because I've never used DSLR camera or somethiing like when photographer uses to take photos. Since I got in this class, I was hoping that my photography skills gonna be like an expert, but I was totally wrong. To be honest, at first, it didn’t go well. I got C on my first photo I took and didn’t know what to do. I just keep tried and sometimes I suffered a lot, so I stayed at lunch most of the time to think and improve my photos. When I got to know how to take the photos, then Mr. Wayrynen taught us to how to make your photos better by using Photoshop and Lightroom tools. By using that, I just experienced awesome things that I've never experienced before. Photography was way more cool than I thought! I know I am still amateur, so I wanna try taking more photos and get a chance to look at photographer's nice photos.


*Skills & Abilities

- Able to take photos using shutter speed, ISO, Aperture Value, and Focal Length

- Babysitt

- Know how to use computer (Microsoft PowerPoint and Word)

- 3.8 GPA


- November 2016 ~ Present : Key Club in Heritage High School

- Play the piano and Choir at church every Sundays

- Had spent time with preschool kids in Child Psychology Class


- Started Heritage High School, Vancouver WA since Sept. 2016


Photographs by Joy Lee

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