Ariel By: Perla Mascorro

Setting: Time: 1h 32m Premiere: November 17, 1989 (USA).


Ariel is a mermaid, daughter of the king of the Triton seas. Although he is happy at sea, where there are many friends and everyone wants, his curiosity to know what happens outside the water making many adventures live.King Triton always asks him to stay away from humans, because dangerous perils for them, but Ariel can not help saving Prince Eric, when he has an accident while sailing with his boat. She falls madly in love with Eric, but his father does everything he can to prevent them from joining, so he must resort to the spells of the weed Ursula.
My favorite character is Prince Eric, because he is very handsome and helps other people, he is very special in every heart tries to do the best and be a person that everyone admire or want for their courage and gentleness.
I like this movie because it is very funny and exciting, just for its authors, characters, and because there is friendship, love, happiness, joy, peace, harmony, it is very beautiful to live under the sea with the whole family, the movie is super pretty.
I would recommend this movie to all children, young people, adults, everyone because this movie is a very beautiful emotion, they would love to see it, it is something that they will never forget they may see it and want to continue to see it and there is no problem you can do it Is your life enjoy watching the movie of the little mermaid.

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