Mecca advertisement We are happy to get you there every step of the way!

Mecca is were Muhammad the very famous prophet was born and lived. Muhammad was a very special prophet because he is the one who made the Muslim religion the second most common religion in the world. Also Muhammad is believed to be the person who spoke to god. Also he made a great impact on the entire history of the world. SO, do you want to see all the amazing museums and watch/listen to all of the amazing prayers! Then come on down to visit the greatest city in Saudi Arabia then come on down to Mecca!

Required pay: 2 pounds of gold, 1 pound of alt, and 10 fruits.

If you have anything to ask then send us a paper with your name and address then we will answer you. Send the message to: Westwood, MA, 02090, USA.

Company name: The trip senders.


Created with images by Almas Baig - "Makkah,Haram" • Iqbal Osman1 - "Hotels, Makkah, Saudi Arabia" • Spectrum Clicks - "Holy Makkah view From Jabel-E-Noor" • Anonymous9000 - "Operation /b/lackup 26"

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