Matilda Comprehension Test Hope you studied!!!

Matilda test will be given right here. Please look at the screen for the test, each question will stay up for at least 5 minutes. If someone needs additional time please raise your hand and the question shall stay longer.
Here are the test taking rules: (please obey them, if you don't I will take up your paper and you will have a 0). Please read. ~Keep your eyes on your own paper at all times of the test ~Do not talk, ask questions, or be disruptive during test
1. Who wrote the book Matilda?
2. Who is the illustrator of the book Matilda?
3. When was the copyright date on which Matilda was published?
4. Where was Matilda originated from?
5. Name at least 3 of Matilda's genres. {there are 6 altogether, the more you name the more points you get.}
If you get this bonus question correct, you win a free movie ticket with popcorn [regular, buttered,extra buttered], [soft] drink, and a voting of a movie off of Netflix. :) Good luck! 6. Name all the characters that we discussed on the Google presentation. {There are 5}


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