Virtual Reailty By Jason Kitoy

What is Virtual reality and why is it the best thing invented?

Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation to communicate through a computer, and it’s fun because you can play the video games you love and communicate at the same time. Some effects of gaming are achievement, immersion, societal, and therapeutic. Any extras of video games we need to know is that you don’t have the be in the same location to communicate in virtual reality. Some people think it’s dumb, but lots of people think it’s fun. Virtual Reality’s next development goes to a way to advance human-computer interface (HCI) designs.

What Are The Effects Of Virtual Gaming

Some effects of gaming are that people can get sick and disoriented over the virtual reality. The Industry needs something like a virtual-reality Underwriters Laboratories to put its seal. People get affected by how much time spent on virtual reality. “But even the best designed virtual-reality equipment is no guarantee against cybersickness. In fact, there still isn't much known about what causes motion sickness or flight-simulator disorientation, which are two cousins to cybersickness.” (Van). This is a quote from Hughes that says this, “Research has shown that playing video games can be beneficial for a number of cognitive functions and may also contain social benefits.” (Hughes).

Are they any extras we need to know about it?

Extras you need to know about virtual reality is that they come with headsets to see the virtual reality. Another extra is that you should be very careful with it, you can get electrocuted. One more extra is that it costs as much money as video games itself costs. “If we go the pie-in-the-sky route, virtual reality’s akin to Star Trek’s Holodeck or the Matrix—a.k.a. a completely virtual environment that you can nevertheless walk around in and interact with.” (Dingman). “The image is then rendered in stereoscopic 3D and viewed through fancy lenses, tricking you into believing you’re looking at a real environment and not a screen mere inches from your eyes.” (Dingman).

What do other people think of it?

Most people like virtual reality because it’s cool. Some people don’t like it because they don’t play games, and that’s completely understandable. “While I am a strong advocate for the potential of virtual reality — and I think the PR industry would be wise to scope out what it can bring to the table where virtual reality is concerned — we certainly won’t see virtual reality hitting the mainstream this year.” (Wilson). “I’m predicting in late 2017 we’ll see the beginnings of viable consumer penetration that makes high cost VR production worthwhile.” (Wilson).

What is the next development for Virtual Reality?

There are going to be new systems made. New ways of playing games to be exact. “Early applications mainly fell into the vehicle simulator category and were used in training exercises.” (Strickland). “For years, VR technology remained out of the publiceye. Almost all development focused on vehicle simulations until the 1980s. “ (Strickland).


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