My happy life home The horror piece

In my happy life home, I would like to have an horror room. That place will be the better place to scare someone and to fight our fears.

It will be a big room were all of our fears will be stuck in it. Before going in it, we will need to pass the horror test: it is a movie where there is all of the fears that exist in the world. Our heart beat will be catch by a specific computer so, because when we are afraid our heart beats faster, the computer will know the things that makes us afraid.

After that test, all of the things that make the person heart beat faster will be inside of the horror scene. The victim will need to go inside of that piece and will be stuck inside of that room during all of the time that he will need to fight ALL of the fears, person, images...I wish good luck for the person who is afraid of Hulk 👍🏻😂

That piece will help all of the good parents! Yes it will because when their kids will be afraid of a monster, we can just let the piece show him how to fight a real monster. 👹

In most, it will let the parents sleep during that time so it is really great. I just wish them that their kids will not be a good monster fighter because it will give them more hours of sleep...and maybe days we ever know...

That place is very useful if you don't wanna look like a chicken 🐔 in front of your friends! Because we all know that it isn't very winner. Just to be sure to look like a courageous person in front of every situations, we can prepare ourselves by that room. After that, we can be able to fight everything.

In conclusion, my happy life home should have a piece where I will be able to fight all of my fears (as spider 🕷) and to show to my future kids how is the real life 😈 (Don't worry I would PROBABLY not do that to them!)

This horrible idea is from Elisabeth Groleau

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