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Grace Bass

Street Address

Bartow, Florida, 33830

(863) 271-3596


Gause Academy


Awards, Honors


Company #1:

Just for Kids Preschool

Mulberry, Florida


Sweeping/Mopping, Wiping down tables/chairs, Reading to the children, Serving breakfast/lunch/snack

Company #2:

R.M. Brooks General Store

Morgan, Tennessee


Taking lunch orders, Serving said orders, Adding up order totals, Taking money, Sweeping, wiping down counters.

*Observed Hospice Care in home setting


Youth group leader, Horseback riding, babysitting


Certificate for IC3 Spark
Career Research Summary

Career: Registered Nurse

Quick Facts:

• Median Pay: $67,490 Per year – $32.45 per hour

• Typical Entry-Level Education: Bachelor’s Degree

• Work Experience in a related Occupation: None

• On-the-Job Training: None

• Number of Jobs: 2,751,000

• Job Outlook: 16%

• Employment Change: 439,300

What does someone in this career do?

A person in the career of registered nursing provide care, teach people about health conditions, and give advice and emotional support to families in need.

Work Environment:

A registered nurse can work in a hospital, doctor’s office, a home for healthcare service, nursing homes, schools, and the military.

How do I get this job?

To become a registered nurse, I can: get my bachelor’s in nursing, get my associates in nursing, or receive a diploma from an approved nursing program. I must also be licensed to become a registered nurse.

Pay: In May of 2015 the median yearly wage for registered nurses was $67,490.

Job Outlook: The projected growth for the employment a registered nurse is 16%, faster than the average for all other jobs.

Florida Data:

• Highest Yearly Pay: 83,910

• Median Yearly Pay: 62,490

• Lowest Yearly Pay: 46,100


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Grace Bass


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