Train the Trainer Level I Tariq Butt's Learning Journal

Workshop 1

For my tutorial I wanted to demonstrate a new skill that I picked up recently - creating a custom puppet for use in Adobe Character Animator. I wanted to start my demonstration by showing a character I had already created in order to show the powerful results of this app. Creating a custom puppet requires a lot of detailed work in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Character Animator. Although the majority of the work is nuanced tracing in Illustrator, I didn't want to focus too much on using the tools in Illustrator and Photoshop because it was the routine application of standard tools in these apps. However, the workflow for setting up the custom puppet does require a lot of meticulous setup and this was the focus of my tutorial.

Workshop 2

For my second workshop I wanted to keep it simple because I had been over-ambitious with my first workshop project and I struggled to fit everything in a video under ten minutes.

I started with a custom puppet of me introducing the video. The video could have worked without the puppet sequence, but I am really enjoying working in Adobe Character Animator and I need any excuse to fit that into a video.

The steps in Illustrator were simple - a circle, a symbol and text on a path. By keeping it simple I was able to show viewers options for the shape in terms of stroke and fill. I was also able to customize the gradient. Similarly, by working with a symbol from the Symbol library I was able to play around with size and placement instead of struggling to create a custom shape. Lastly, with the text on a path I was also able to experiment with the fill, stroke and placement as well.

Overall, by keeping things simple I didn't feel rushed and was able to present the steps with greater clarity.

Final Reflection

I learnt three lessons in this course - (1) keep it simple, (2) plan ahead and (3) write a script. Fortunately, I learnt all three lessons while working on workshop 1 and was able to apply them to workshop 2. I had selected a difficult project for workshop 1 and as a result I was rushing to fit everything into a ten minute video. In my second workshop I did keep it simple. I used elements from the standard Illustrator libraries which allowed me to try and demonstrate options during the video. By planning ahead for workshop 2, I created a badge where I had already tried out all the options and made my selections for shapes, sizes and colors before I started the video. This way I was able to speak with greater confidence about my choices, because I had already tried out the different options before I started the video. Even if you know all the steps and have done them a thousand times, writing a script allows you to hit your cues on time and stick to the time constraints.

The Train the Trainer I course was definitely educational because it allowed me to try a difficult task, creating training videos, hands-on.


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