"Let me adore the mysteries" bY: James russell lowell


He is trying to say that people need to open their eyes and take advantage of the world and their ability to see. Find the mysteries in the world and try to figure them out. The world can be very calm and peaceful at times.

Praise the life you live and love and thank God for it everyday. Speak your mind, don't hold anything back let it all out. Listen to the music of the world and let out your true personality and don't fear the opinion of everyone else.

Let out the melody that lies in your heart. You're blessed to live the life you live. To heaven is where we shall all end up.


The first stanza it has a lot of visual and kinesthetic imagery and positive

The second stanza it uses aa metaphor and lots of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory imagery

In the last stanza it uses a metaphor and lots of positive words. Also visual, kinesthetic, and auditory imagery.


Created with images by Political Graveyard - "James Russell Lowell (1819-1891)"

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