Brain Injury By: Caroline Benitez

At age 44, George Clooney battled excruciating headaches and serious memory loss after falling and banging his head while filming Syriana.

Cerebral Contusion

In 2005 Clooney received an injury during his set of Syriana in which he tore his dura which wraps around the spinal cord and contains the spinal fluid. However the issue wasn't the spinal cord it was his brain, his brain had experienced a bruising of the tissue which is called Cerebral Contusion.

Leakage of Spinal Fluid

Clooney experienced a constant pain and chronic headaches, however doctors could not identify the problem that was causing the pain. It took the doctors weeks to identify what had happened to Clooney in the accident. They noticed that spinal fluid was leaking from his spine.


Myelogram, is a procedure that is used to diagnose and identify any problems in the spinal canal, spinal cord and other tissues. This procedure was used for Clooney's case, to distinguish what was leaking out which they were able to identify that it was Spinal Fluid.

Epidural Blood Patch

Epidural Blood Patch was used to decrease the leakage of spinal flood. George Clooney had received 15 epidural blood patch to coagulate the tears where the spinal fluid was secreting from. In order to eliminate some of the pain he was prescribed with addicting medication such as Vicodin and Morphine, however he wasn't able to take anymore painkillers to prevent him from becoming addicted which several of his family members had suffered from. Since he wasn't receiving any medication for his pain he had to learn how to cope with his pain. Clooney did some therapy that taught him to forget the pain. Nonetheless he would experience unbearable pain that drove him to think about committing suicide.

Due to the traumatic brain injury Clooney experienced caused him to suffer from unbearable headaches and short- term memory loss. In order to gain his memory back he would do repetitive counting exercises. George Clooney underwent a serious of operations that banished his headaches. Although he never imagine to encounter such a difficult obstacle in his life and career he was able to overcome it and continue doing what he loves.


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