My Good Life tour of the Harn By danielle diamond


This piece by Herman Herzog, Scene on Snake Key, Gulf Coast, 1896-1910 appealed to me by the artist's use of blending the palm trees and landscape together. The medium used was oil on canvas. I was also struck by how he incorporated the man and his dog into this landscape because it is amazing that they still are a main focus of this painting, despite the grand landscape behind them. This spoke to me in a positive way because it reminded me of the type of Gainesville nature, which I have an appreciation for because I am from New York and I don't get to see palm trees or much greenery at home. This nature scene made me feel happy and more appreciative of nature.


The setup of this exhibit appeals to me because of its wide openness. I think this is important for a museum to have because it allows you to clear your mind and focus on the art. This SFI Exhibition Hall makes me feel relaxed, with an open mind.

Core values

This piece Three girls holding hands, Sertão da Paríba, Brazil by Sebastião Salgado (in 1981) speaks to my core value of friendship. The little girls holding hands in the picture allows me to picture my best friends and I in these girls. This pure friendship makes me realize how nice it is to have good friendships, as well as how much I really do appreciate my friends. This installs love in me because I love having this special relationship with my friends and friendship is a very special bond. It also helps me understand that I have to cherish these relationships because they are very meaningful and important to keep.

A good life

This is a very special Claude Monet painting, known as the Champ d'avoine (Oat Field) that was created in 1890. This painting conveys the good life theme of peace; peace is necessary to attain a good life. This work conveys the theme of peace because it is a wide open meadow with no disturbances. This piece speaks peace and beauty to the eyes. This work adds to my appreciation of peace by the use of the gorgeous technique: the bright colors used to mesh the meadow among little dots by using oil on canvas. This amazing construction of the meadow makes me understand it feels like to truly be at peace, even if it's only for that moment.

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