The Yellowstone Fires of 1988 By:Sydney Walters

The Yellowstone fires of 1988

By:Sydney Walters

I chose the Yellowstone Fires of 1988, because I thought it was a very important event that helped them realize how ineffective their equipment was. This made them realize they needed to upgrade their equipment.

The Yellowstone Fires 1988,happened in Yellowstone Park in 1988 on a dry summer day. When a fire broke out and spreaded across the park across the park.

This disaster occurred from both Natural and Human causes. Mostly due to the severe drought that dried everything out. Then was started by the help of lightning and human carelessness.

This massive fire spreaded across hundreds of thousands of acres.Burning up most of the park.

This fire caused lots of physical damage causing many of the plants to burn and and die and most animals left due to it being hard for them to find food or water.

This effected the land in many ways. After, the fire burned out most of the plants leaving bare soil (weathering).This increased the effects of erosion and caused movement of the soil into rivers and land slides (succession).

While the ecosystem starts to recover small animals and will start to come back over time.After a few years/months, a climax community will form and many plants and animals will live there(succession).


In this event people were very prepared on evacuation of citizens, but they were not very prepared on taking care of the fire. They didn't realize how ineffective all their equipment was.

The Many Firefighters

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