A dream come true in Cuba Luke 1:49 "for the Mighty One has done great things for me— holy is his name."

For the past 4 years, Alexeis Doimeadios, Cuban director of UGECU (A University movement, similar to that of Campus Crusade for Christ), has dreamed of the day when his university student group could meet and minister with the students of Liberty University. On November 26, 2016, David and I were able to help make that dream a reality.

Four years ago Alexeis stood beside our daughters, Natalie and Tiffany and dreamed aloud of the day that Liberty Students would be able to come and help the Cuban University students do ministry in Cuba. His original thought was to do a Soccer Camp or a Baseball Camp.

Then, on October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew hit the coast of Cuba at up to 145 miles per hour and devastated the Southeastern Coast cities of Baracoa, Maisi, and Imais. It was then that John Puig, Director of Global Teams at Liberty University, began to think of how to get the LU Send Now group mobilized and into Cuba to help the Cuban people recover from the disastrous category 4 Hurricane.

That is when we received a call to see if we could help make the trip possible, since David has made more than 25 entrances into the Country of Cuba. We immediately called Alexeis and God in His timing allowed us to plan the date for November 26. Little did we know that the country would be plunged into a time of mourning for Fidel Castro.

We were told by the authorities not to travel to the area affected by Hurricane Matthew, but remain in Holguin and do relief work there.

An overlook over the city of Holguin
The group of students that God brought together to do ministry in Holguin
There was so much to do to the home

We immediately got busy with a "Plan B" helping 2 widows renovate their home that was in need of much attention.

We made quite a stir in the neighborhood!

But it was not all work, the students connected with the kids in the neighborhood and showed the love of Christ, even though we were not able to openly speak the Gospel since we went on a tourist visa.

Soccer with the kids across the street!

We were worried that the neighbors would be upset with all of the noise and activity we brought to their street, especially during the 9 days of Mourning. The students were all so respectful and they connected so much with the people in the neighborhood that all of the neighbors commented how happy they were to see so much good being done at the house of the 2 widows and how glad they were to meet the friendly Americans from Liberty University.

The writing on the little girl's face says "I am Fidel"

Our final day in Holguin, we were able to watch as the procession carrying Fidel Castro's mortal remains to its final resting place. We were able to live history that day, and won't soon forget it.

This dream could only become a reality through your support of the many trips we have made into Cuba with International Gospel Initiative. Thank you for your support. As well, Liberty University is excited about further trips in collaboration with UGECU.

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