The Dining Hall Controversy

There has been an ongoing battle as to which dining hall is better, Core or Schilletter, since September 2016. The battle originally began awhile ago between Schilletter and Harcombe Dining Hall, which was recently torn down.

With the addition of Core campus, came the addition of the Fresh Food Company Dining Hall, or Core Dining Hall to the students. It is located in building B of Core Campus. It is newly renovated and features a second floor lounge that has many big tables and TVs with bluetooth capability to work on group projects while eating. Core seats 1,200 students and also has access to fast-food restaurants such as Raising Cane's, Wich Wich, Twisted Taco, and Starbucks. The fast-food options are unfortunate, because they tempt students to spend money on unhealthy options rather than using their meal-plans. Core is open every day of the week, with varying hours.

Even though Core is a new dining hall, there are several drawbacks to it. For example, it is further away from most freshman and upperclassmen housing, which are located on the East side of campus. Core is on the West side of campus. Also, many students claim that the fruit and vegetables are fresher and changed out more often at Schilletter.

Core's color scheme is made up of mostly whites and greys, which provide a less comforting and homey feeling while dining inside. Schilletter has many colors such as orange, green, and purple and a wood floor to brighten the moods of the students that choose to dine there. Kendra Ezell claims that overall, Schilletter has a "friendlier atmosphere."

In an interview, Alex Clark, a freshman at Clemson University said, "...The staff in Schilletter is also more friendly..." and willing to help students find healthy options they will enjoy.

Schilletter Dining Hall has been around since the campus was built. "It is named for August “Shorty” Schilletter, the Clemson College mess steward whose fifteen years of embezzlement was uncovered by President Walter Merritt Riggs in 1912, but hushed up so well for the good of the institution that he would get his own memorial building ("

Although Schilletter is closed on Saturdays, it offers a wider selection of food choices. The selection includes daily salad bar, deli station, cereal bar, grill station, as well as a comfort station that switches out the options. There is also always gluten free and vegetarian options. During the week, there is customizable stir-fry for lunch and dinner. On Sundays, there are make-your-own hash browns. Core doesn't have the hash browns on Sunday, and doesn't have as good of a selection of other Sunday brunch options. Schilletter also offers a fast-food option, Wendy's. Not only does Schilletter have better food options, but the pizza, a student favorite, is said to be better by Chris Panetta.

The results of the controversy show that Schilletter Dining Hall is favored over Core Dining Hall. The friendly atmosphere and dining staff, as well as the better quality food with more selections makes Schilletter the obvious choice when deciding between dining halls.

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