Culture of War-Vietnam cody eaton


The values and the beliefs of the US that got the US involved were freedom and democracy but religion also played a major part in the war and the main religion was Christianity. But the beliefs of the US Government and the US citizens were very different. The Government believed that we needed to be in Vietnam and the citizens believed it was pointless to be over there.


The type of tactics that they used in Vietnam was gorilla warfare which was used by both sides in the war. The viet-kong used traps and ambushes to their advantage. How ever the US had an advantage of their own which was napalm which is basically fire and we used alot of that against the enemy because the land was for the most part jungle which fire spreads quickly through.


On the Home front back in the United States people were rioting and protesting about this war because we didn't have to fight in the war and their sons were being drafted by the military and army and many of them died. Also because this was the first war that was able to be documented on TV and they saw what America was going into.


The music during this time changed because in the music they talked about their feelings on the war. A type of song that represents what the music was like was imagine by john Lennon.


Tons of propaganda was used by the Army and the Military to get volunteers for the war and to show that the enemy was a terrible person and they would use bright colors and slogans on the propaganda to get the attention of many people.


Many protests broke out and many people attended these protests with signs saying stuff like war is not the answer. The reason that these protest happened is because many people did not support the war and their kids were being drafted to fight a war with only one purpose which was to kill and bring democracy to Vietnam.


The media affected the war because this was the first war broadcasted on a TV and the people saw what war was like and didn't like it. It was also broad casted on the radio and the newspaper which also affected how people felt about the war.


The Vietnam War had several effects on the U.S. economy. The requirements of the war effort strained the nation's production capacities, leading to imbalances in the industrial sector. Factories that would have been producing consumer goods were being used to make items from the military. Basically causing our economy to go down by quite a lot.

Government/Foreign Policy

The Government/Foreign Policy after the war was changed and the US agreed to no longer get involved in foreign affairs outside of the country after vietnam and the number of lives lost that didn't need to be lost.

The Draft

The military used a draft because they did not receive enough volunteers for the war and they needed more bodies. Also the draft made many people mad and they fled to Canada to get away from the draft.

Family Roles

The men would be sent to war through the draft of which many lost their lives. While the women would volunteer to fight but most of them became nurses, or also took over the men's jobs back at home. Then the children went to school to get an education.

Re-Integration into society

Re-Integration into society was hard on the Veterans returning home. They were protested against and called terrible things because of the things the people believed about the war. they were treated terribly and for them


The purpose of this war was to try to get rid of the government the viet kong had. Their type of government was a communist government and the US didn't like it. So the entire purpose of the war was to kill the enemy and get rid of communism.

Race Equality

The Vietnam war saw the highest amount of African American soldiers in any American wars for just volunteering. However, they were most likely to be put on the front line of the war giving them the highest causality rate of 25 percent dying. They were also looked upon as suitable for war.


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