Pontiac's Rebellion Mikaela egan

Claim: It is argued that Pontiac's Rebellion is truly a revolution because there was change politically, economically, and socially.

Analysis: After thorough research, it´s been concluded that Pontiac´s Rebellion in North America in 1763 can be argued as a revolution. The dispute began from loose confederation elements of a Native American tribe primarily from the Great Lakes region. The people of the Great Lakes region were not satisfied with British rule so they decided to fight against it. Politically, their was injustice with the influence the Native Americans had on the government and by the end of the war the relationship between the government and the Natives had increased to a friendlier level due to the fact the French were not looking to have any more enemies. As well as the idea of diplomacy being forced upon each of the groups and peace treaties and negotiations were held to make all right in the government. Economically, the French limited the Native Americans on fur trade and access to gun powder and other weaponry. The Natives claimed to be in close comparison to ¨slaves or dogs" and with that accusation the French responded with a gift giving system that came from Native American custom (Wikipedia). This system consisted of the French supplying Chiefs with things like tobacco, guns, knifes and clothing for them to give to the other people of the tribe and to keep their relationship strong. Their was a social change in the way the Natives were then treated after the war. Instead of violence they resorted to negotiation and reasoning with one another to improve society. The war ended through negotiation and accommodation but overall the war was a loss for the Native Americans but came with its benefits.

Support: 400 soldiers where killed and 50 were captured and tortured to death (Wikipedia). Pontiac´s rebellion was a brutal battle it was emotionally and physically distressing to the Native Americans. The Natives did not exactly win or fulfill what they wanted overall from the war but the did walk away with some improvement. They were politically successful with the change in government influence where their say began to mean more to them and help develop a better society. As well as, gain economic privileges and socially improve as a whole. It all began after the British won in the French and Indian War, it brought together tribes to for some sort of an alliance to go against the British rule. Though the British won again, the Native Americans came out strong but couldn't pull through in the end. Its stated that ¨Eight forts were destroyed, hundreds of colonists were killed or captured, with many more fleeing the region¨(Wikipedia). But once the Native Americans made their first move the British fought back even harder. But, as I have written previously, they walked away with improvements in all categories of a revolution making it one in history.

Informational Video: https://youtu.be/KVx0Is3XKu0

Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontiac's_War#Amherst.27s_policies http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/pontiacs-rebellion-begins http://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h598.html

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