Spirit Animal Project By: Paul & James

Macbeth is like a crocodile.

Macbeth is like a crocodile. some similar attributes they have are he is strong and powerful, but conniving and evilly dark in his thoughts. just like the crocodile Macbeth can randomly strike others, when its so unexpected for them to strike. like the order to kill banquo, and the killing of king Duncan. Macbeth cannot be trusted because he doesn't hold back when it comes to others. for these reasons Macbeth is to similar to a crocodile.

Banquo is like a wolf.

Banquo is like a wolf. some characteristics they share are loyalty, strength, and honor. a wolf is loyal to its pack and through strength would die to protect its kin. This is similar to Banquo because while he was being murdered instead of worrying about himself he yelled to his son to flee and protect himself. That scene alone shows what kind of man Banquo was. while honor is important to a wolf to show pride to the pack. Banquo died an honorable death, showing pride to his son. this is how Banquo is like a wolf.


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