The Adventures of Grant itte By Maryanne

I started my journey off in earth's interior with my grandma.
It was very hardcore being in temperatures as high as 10,800°F.

Soon enough, we erupted out of Mt. Dotsera, Colorado. I said bye to my grannynite as she vanished into a cloud of smoke. It was a very bittersweet start to my adventure.

We erupt out of Dotsera Mtn, Colorado in 2200 BC.

I lava and miss her very much.

After the volcano settled and all the lava hardened, I took a quick nap.

The next thing I know, it's been a few centuries and there's...


Oh all the time that's passed!

Nonetheless, I took advantage of my location and decided to take the ski trip I've always wanted!

When I went skiing on the Rockies, let me tell you, I felt

On top of the world

To this day, I still miss the Rockies and all the HILL-Areas friends I've met. If i could, i would definetly visit again, despite being a bit continental c-rusty- But I guess that's just my point of view :)

After a few months of skiing, the snow began to melt. So I went down my last run until being carried into a defrosting river.

Did I say carried? I meant crashed.

╮( ̄▽ ̄"")╭

I hadn't emerged until a few years later.
But when I did, it was about lime.
This river was pretty isolated, so i got as a lot of alone time.
But that also meant I wasn't able to keep up with what's main stream.
Which left me slightly annoyed.

As spring came and the river continued its flow, I was both tinged with sadness yet still overwhelmed with excitement. I laid back and waited for the river to push me along, quickly, as there wasn't snow blocking the way anymore.

After a short duration of time passed, I washed up on the shore.

Finally, land!

The warm mud tickled as I left the enclosing snorkel behind and sank into the soft soil.

As I sank down into the earth's crust, I found myself coiled in the gentle grasps of the tree's roots.

I'm constructive and beneficial to the biosphere because trees stabilize themselves around me so they don't topple oakver.

That's when other rocks washed up on shore had decided to come join me in the soil too!

I couldn't have axed for more!

But as metamorephic rocks came, pressure began increasing. Space was also becoming rare, as the comprest was taken up by other rocks.

This made us all very irrislated.

But Just as I was getting smoothed to it, I realized that I was back in the earth's mantle again.

"Oh yay. Earth's interior," I mumble gravelly, "great."


We stayed there for sphyear after sphyear; no one wanted to move and free up room for the others.

Well this was until one day, someone suggested we review our core values.

After doing so, the question came up: Why are we mad in the first place?

Was it because of space?

No one really knew.

So we slated our apologies and bid each other farewell.

"Peace! I'm out!" I brockcast whle floating into the clouds.
And my journey continues.

Those men-tle taught me a lot and I wouldn't give up anything for the ltensions I experienced.

Debrisrah inschisting we take a picture
I traveled in a cloud of ash for a very long time, still igneousited from my adventures in the earths interior and volcano.

When I was in the clouds, I was very destructive on the atmosphere because I polluted it with my toxic chemicals.

As I feel it was time to rain, i aim for the river down below so I don't wrock havec and burn something.

But I pumissed.

And maybe set a really big city on fire.

Luckily, the city rebuilt and now I reside in a beautiful garden! One time, I even met the President, Mr. Barock Obama and boulderstered about my adventures.

The end

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