Sally Ride First AMERICAN woMan in space

Sally Kristen Ride was born on May 26 in 1951 in Encino,California.She is an older sister by two years.As a kid Sally loved to read.Sally loved to be outdoors and play sports with the boys.Sally didn't care what people thought,she believed in women rights.Her family spent a year traveling to Europe when she came back she was so smart she skipped a grade, and you need to be smart to be an astronaut.She graduated from Westlake school for girls in 1968.Went to Swarthmore college.Dropped out of Swarthmore to pursue tennis.When she realized she wasn't as good as she thought she went back to college at Stanford university.Graduated from Stanford university with two degrees in physics and English.

Sally was an astronaut, physicist and educator.She applied to be an astronaut, because for the first time they were allowing women to apply.Ride was selected by NASA to be an astronaut candidate.But,there were only 35 job spots.

It took several years of training,but Sally was willing.In her first year of training Sally spent many hours studying.She had to know about how the shuttle worked.Each astronaut had to know how to fix shuttle if something went wrong.Sally had become the first American female to fly to space on June 18 in 1984.And in 1983 she became the first American woman to fly to space aboard the shuttle challenger.In 1984 Sally took her second trip to space on the challenger.

She was scheduled for a third trip but didn't because in 1986 the challenger exploded on January 28.

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