Sofia Fehr Multimedia Sports Production

This is a video presenting Elliot Loitman for his senior night with the boys soccer team. I made this video with Final Cut Pro. While making this video, I learned a lot about editing and showing off the player in every way that I can. A challenge that I had while creating this video was making sure that Elliot was in the right position on screen as well as being able to juggle the ball and move around. I really enjoyed our way of going from the full body shot to the close-up shot for the boys. I got a lot of feedback from Mr. Goble and friends with different font sizes and the little things but they all had a big part in making this video.

This is one of the soccer videos for senior night for one of our seniors, Jason Pummer. I made this video using Final Cut Pro. I learned a lot of lessons while making this video such as the fonts and techniques to make his name stand out. Some challenges I had while making this video was the framing of Jason and how to get him to fit into the screen without getting cut off but still being able to juggle. I really enjoyed that the boys all got to juggle in their videos because that's a skill they work on everyday and they get to display that in their own senior videos. Like every video, I got help from Mr. Goble as well as my peers with font sizes and more to make this video great.

This is a short video showcasing the boys and their season. I made this video using the Quik app. While making this video, I learned how easy it is to use this app and create this. Some challenges that I had while making this was getting all of the pictures to fit in the frame and line up with the music. I enjoyed the music that went along with this because it went well with the pictures. Mr. Goble thankfully helped me while making this video and now I can make a lot of videos using this app quick and easily.

This is a slideshow of all of the boys soccer games combined. I made this using the Quik app. Some lessons I learned are how easy this app is to use and it sets everything up for you once you have your pictures. I used these certain pictures because they are really cool pictures from every side of the field and they're a great example of perspective. I really enjoyed the whole video, it shows the boys and their hardworking season with all of these great pictures.

This is a promo video for Ladue Track and Field 2020. I used iMovie and Final Cut Pro to make this video. Some lessons that I learned while making this video was that you can't only focus on the video then add random music to go with it, but you have to get them to work well together in order for the video to look and sound good. A challenge that I had while making this is adding the text. We couldn't position the text right in iMovie so we had to move the video over to Final Cut Pro and fix it. I enjoyed everything about the video and it was cool making a Track video compared to a soccer video. I got a lot of feedback from Mr. Goble about the text and how to make it work which helped a lot with putting it all together.