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I started this year with zero expectations regarding art class, I love to draw but nevertheless I have never found a course that could meet and teach me what I wanted, this before to attend the course of Mrs. Kemppainen. A course for beginners that for the first time let expressive freedom with creative assignments And that really can give you the basics to be able to complete a draw Constructive and complete.

During this course I was able to understand perspectives and the importanceI of light and dark in a drawing

  • in these first two pictures we have tried to draw our hand without looking at the paper, testing our ability to look at line
  • in these draws our goal was to be able to draw not what we see with our eyes but what surrounds it so the external line of each element

Positive space refers to the main focus of a picture, while negative space refers to the background. and in this design we have emphasized this by drawing details defined for the motorcycle and representing only the strong negative contrast and its shadow for the biker.

This is my firs drawn of my hand, as you can see is really simple and with no details

This is my second, the deference is really a lot. You can see deep diversity in the lines and shadows that add and give 'life' to the drawn.

This profile has been quite a challenge for me, since I'm not very good at portraying people, despite that I believe to be successfully managed and that it is quite similar to the person.

Stippling is the creation of a pattern simulating varying degrees of solidity or shading by using small dots. The technique is based on using closer dots to create depth and shadows, dots more distant and separate from one another to give a sense of light.

Try to draw what you see is not at all easy, in this draw it was very hard to be able to create depth and to give depth to objects and bring them to 'life'. For every movement and different positions that you were take the shadows, the shapes and the changed lines was therefore very difficult to represent the whole.

This was for me the most hard piece of all, having to finish the piece without being able to delete and risking (as in my case) to be able to spoil, thes work aroused in me much fear and anxiety, thus leading me to fail. Despite what was really interested to use this technique. With a small knife had to be able to create values ​​and making the texture more real design possible

I personally really like that piece in which I decide to draw my Sicilian house. At first the piece was looking really confused with a lot of line that we used to find the angles and the prospective making and putting everything in the right place. I personally define this piece a success!

Things you would see in the first picture I made is that the design is 'naked' with cold lines, without shadows, shadow or texture. In the final design instead the portrait begins to take 'life', to have movement, shade and sense of depth. I especially liked this exercise, especially for the difference between the two drawn, I have definitely improve my shadows and lines (the lips are the piece came worse than all). In this piece everything has a proper place in spite of that the lips are strange and different from the rest of the drawn.

Using strips of paper attached to a sheet we managed to get a picture of writings that are 3D, after which we designed the image, creating an effect of shadows and lines connecteD each other in a very interesting way.

I love drawing is something that always manages to calm down and relax me. I'm really happy that next semester I'll be able to be part of this class and maybe I'll be able to improve my drawings improved shadows and lines. In Italy, unfortunately, our art classes are simply study classes and not of painted and drawing, you study the history of art from the Greeks to the Romans which is interesting but it is different. I love to draw and I love this class!

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