Human sexuality By sam cantine

Tale of two brains

Male and females may seem alike but deep down our brains are completely different women have this complex brain and well I'm basically not capable to describe mine well because I'm in my nothing box right now think of the inside of a computer all these wires I just explained a female now think of nothing just plain air there that's a exact description of a mans head.

A rare photo of a man and his brain

Yo mama the sexual side of marriage

This is the mans favorite part of it all SEX SEX SEX SEX it's all about climbing the palm tree and getting the fruit and eventually scale down to mer mountain but remember be an expert climber take your time don't miss a step the more time the better slowly scale missing nothing be gentle you don't want to mess up and break a branch ;) just remember women need time slow roast them more effort the better the reward. DO NOT HAVE SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE IF YOU WANT A GOOD SEX LIFE ONCE YOU ARE MARRIED. Basically in relationships women use there hearts and men use there..... well yea you know...

Why go out for a hamburger when I have a steak at home"

Paul Newman

A Good Lover is one who can keep one woman satisfied all her life not many women once... any dog can do that"

Ricardo Montaban

Don't do this unless your married.

Class notes: intamicy

Mr. Davis keynote the ultimate guide to success1. You are uniquelty special to me

2. In each other we are complete

3. I'm complete I find my place for belonging my reason for being

You are one with you. You put all your time with your spouse and you don't look at other people do other stuff he only works things out with your partner and be mature about it and also off of his loads we learned that it's best for man to be alone and also being single for a guy is like smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. "It is not good for man to be alone." Gen.2:18 Eve was not created above or below Adam, she was complementary. Both man and women were made in God's image Genesis. Physical affection is a key to healthy relationships it has been proven men need physical affection or many bad things form. Special thanks to the all mighty Gordon Davis.

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