Lord Cornwallis By: America K-raww Emily and Rachel

Charles Cornwallis was born on December 31, 1738. Died: October 5, 1805

He was in the Seven Year’s War, American Revolutionary War, Third Anglo-Mysore War, and Irish Rebellion of 1798

Led several successful early campaigns for the American Revolutionary war

Secured British victories in New York, and others

Cornwallis had driven General George Washington’s patriot forces out of New Jersey in 1776, and led his redcoats in victory over general Horatio gates and the Patriots and Camden, South Carolina, in April 1780

When Lord Cornwallis, British commander in the south during the American Revolutionary War retreated to Yorktown in June 1781 to rest and re equip his battered army, George Washington was outside New York, preparing an assault on that British held city with the help of the four thousand man French expeditionary command by the count of Rochambeau

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