Bite Into The History Of Apple Apple products are everywhere in our everyday lives. Find out how it got to be this way.

Can you imagine living a life where there is no technology? Well, without Apple our lives would be very similar to that. Apple has a great impact on our lives and how they will be in the future.

How Apple Started

Apple all started with a man named Steve Jobs. Steve started out as an ordinary boy with only a dream. He was born in San Francisco California, on February 24, 1995 and was later put up for adoption. As a kid, Steve would sit in his garage playing with electronics. He would take things apart, then put them back together again. This sparked Steve’s love for electronics. As he got to highschool, he met Steve Wozniak (His future partner). Later on in life Steve Jobs had a hard time trying to find what he wanted to do. Jobs went to Reed College, but left after only 6 months. From here Jobs Started to design video games. He left this after 6 months to go to India. Finally in 1976 when Steve Jobs was 21, he and Steve Wozniak started Apple computers. Jobs knew this was what he wanted to do, so he started to raise money and even sold his car. To help sponsor his passion. Wozniak and Jobs were positive this was their future and that they will devote their entire lives to Apple.

Apple’s Progress

Apple has had many different types of products on the market like Mac computers, Iphones, Ipads, Ipods, and Apple TVs. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s first product was the Mac computer. Nowadays the newest MacBooks sell for over 1000$, but back then things were different. Jobs and Wozniak changed the computer industry by making them smaller and cheaper. These computers were a hit. They were sold for $666.66 each. In total they earned Apple $774,000. This kickstarted Apple. By then Appleś net worth was $1.2 billion.

Newest Original

Another product that Apple is famous for is the Iphone. This is the most popular Apple invention, if not most popular invention ever. Everyone has them. As you walk down the street everyone you see probably has a iphone. Currently about 94 million people have one. There are different types of iphones. The Iphone original, the 3G, the 3GS, the 4, the 4S, the 5, the 5C, the 5S, the 6, the 6 plus, the SE, the 7, and the 7 plus. The Iphones have evolved over time. Every time a new model came out, something had changed. For example, the size, materials, and features. The newest models, the iphone 7 and 7 plus sell for around $769 and $749. These new phones have been made to be water resistant. This is a awesome feature.

Ipads are also very common. They are basically giant phones except for the fact that they can't call. The screen is very large and can be used for a variety of things. For example, to watch movies, play games, or do work. This is why it is so popular. There are different versions of ipads, the ipad air, the ipad mini, ipad pro, and the Ipad. The ipad air and mini are very special because they are smaller allowing them to be transported easily from place to place. In the past year 14.5 million ipads have been sold. There are so many people with Ipads and they are a big part of Apple's success.


The ipod or Ipod touch is another popular Apple item. This is something that many kids have. Most parents do not want their kids to have a phone, so they get them a ipod touch. This product is very similar to a iphone. It is around the same size and has all the same features except for calling and cellular data. There are 5 different iTouch generations and have gotten better each generation. The newest generation is sold for anywhere between $199 and $299. This is great because it is a lot cheaper than other Apple products.

Ipod Touches

The most recent product Apple has made is called Apple T.V. It is a small box that hooks up to your T.V giving you channels, shows, movies, and games. This is amazing because it takes up no space, gives you almost everything, and saves you money. Once you have Apple T.V you no longer need cable. For anywhere from $149 to $ 199 this is a pretty good deal considering what it offers you. This could be the future of Apple.

Apple's Competition

Over time many other companies have started to make similar products to Apple. One of Apple’s biggest competitors is Samsung. Samsung and Apple have been going at it for years now. Both companies make smart phones and compete with each other to have the best phones on the market. The prices of each company's smartphones are very similar,making the decision for the buyer hard to make. Apple or Samsung? Also the design and features are almost the same. This is because Samsung has been copying Apple's design. They are actually in lots of legal trouble and are in the middle of a lawsuit. If Samsung is trying to be like Apple, Apple must be better. This makes it clear that there is no competition as good as Apple.

Apple Products have a great influence on our lives and futures. Steve Jobs significantly contributed to the creation of all these life changing devices : the MacBook, Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Apple T.V and many others. While it is clear that Samsung is one of Apple's major competitors there is no doubt that Apple and Steve Jobs has had a the greatest affect on our lives.


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