Goals and Dreams Top !0

These are just the basic examples of what I want, but I will go into further depth about them later.
1st Goal: To have a awesome and loving family with my wife and kids.
2nd Goal: Although I already get good grades in school I want to keep it up. Lots of A's.
3rd Goal: Create my own awesome website.
4th Goal: I know it might sound selfish but I do want to make a lot of money when I'm older to support my family.
5th Goal: Visit every single U.S.A major league baseball ballpark in my life. So far I've been to three.
6th Goal: Go to Stanford
7th Goal: Have a really cool car.
8th Goal: Have a good dog
9th Goal: Stay active.
10th Goal: Be happy.

These are my ten goals, hope you'res are as good as mine

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Noah Kaufman


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