My Visit to the Harn By Kevin Verge

This piece is actually my favorite work in the entire Harn, and Ive come to visit many times in my several trips to the Harn. The piece shows a bustling city in what seems like a period of heavy industrialization. Seeing this piece in person takes you too a place where every one wants to, the city. It immerses you into the piece as if you're there and it helps you better understand how America was built as it came out of industrialization. What I found so striking about the piece is the smokiness and cramped nature of it. It makes you wonder what is going on in the buildings. And the way the are painted makes it feel abit eerie as well as promising for America's future. It communicated to me the history of America, of how this country was built by on the back of these industrial cities. The piece made me feel prideful and thankful for how hard Americans of the early 1900's worked to get the country to where it is today.

The wing I found the most interesting throughout the Harn was the most appealing was the specialty exhibit, Meant to Be Shared: Selections from the Arthur Ross. It is filled with macabre paintings and illustrations from a series of paints of the Raven by Edger Allen Poe to the weird illustrations that you see I have taken pictures of. It makes for an interesting walk around each corner as it stranger and stranger as you go. The exhibit overall made me feel like art is not all roses and daisies. Art is something that can express sadness and happiness. The two illustrations above shows the artist's pain.

The painting about is called "Winter in Central Park" I felt this touched on my core values of happiness in life because how scenic it is. I believe that traveling to places and taking your time to appreciate things is how we should all live our lives. The painting is filled with snow and two people taking a walk through the famous Central Park. Being from Florida has given me an appreciation for snow. The emotion I get from this painting is joy because of what the winter means to me; family, Christmas, and most importantly, hot chocolate. This painting, when I saw it pulled forth my affection for travel and experiences. It made me realize that being young should be spent experience places like Central Park during the purity of winter.

The painting I chose to represent seeking the good life is the painting above that shows a rushing city from a distance. This painting represents seeking the good life because when you look at the piece it has everyone rushing around, looking for their next stop. All the lights are on for the most part in the apartments which shows activity even though it is late at night. It adds to my understanding of the theme because it gives me a small still glimmer of how people are constantly seeking their good life. Whether that is staying in the city and working late or staying up to the late hours in their apartments doing what they need to do to find their good life it makes me truly appreciate how important seeking the good life is.

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