Intro To Lighting By: Ashley Wagenman

Hailey Penner

Loupe/Broad lighting.

"I have been to 10+ different countries"

Nicole Fred

Side/Broad lighting

" My first job was working at a dog and cat boarding kennel."

Quincy Jones

Butterfly lighting

"My favorite candy is Peanut M&M's"

Lachelle Nicole

Side/broad Lighting

"I'm adopted"

Nickolas Madourie

Hair/Butterfly Lighting

"I was born and raised in jamaica"

Kyler Moore

Hair/Loupe/Broad lighting

" I play guitar"

Lacey Patzer

Side/broad lighting

"I have four dogs and a cat"

Taylor Hewson

Rembrandt lighting

"I like to collect rocks"

Samantha Eidmann

Loupe lighting

"I love Disney movies"

Kelsey Morris

Side/Broad lighting

"I have a bubbly personality"

Created By
Ashley Wagenman


Intro To Lighting, 12/12/2016

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