The Dark Side of the Internet By Jake Wasiliev

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Online all the time:

Cyber bullies

By Jake Wasiliev

Since the invention of social media bullies around the world have been offered a wider target range. A few years ago Bullies would be stopped as soon as their targets would leave school but now that more and more kids have social media bullies are harder to escape. Bullies can bully 24/7.

When the future generation is in jeopardy we must act. The mental health of the world’s children is at risk. Student of CCGS, Loic Mallet “I used to play Mine craft with my friend but whenever my friend left and I would play by myself there always be this guy that would say some really mean things to me. It lasted for about two months but it still felt bad.” That is just one person with millions who feel the same way. Children are exposed to online abuse every day and it is usually from the same sort of people, bullies. In some cases the child suffers more than just a few hurt feelings, sometimes cyber bullying can lead to no confidence, mental damage and even suicide. The facts that this is happening in our world today is catastrophic.

The culprits are the bullies, some of them are children and some of them aren’t, either way this behavior is not acceptable. Sometimes these people are even committing crimes. Police in each state have been attending information sessions with educators from the Office of the Children's e Safety Commissioner. "When we're talking about things like unlawful threats, when we're talking about humiliating filming, degrading filming, if we're talking about indecent filming, stalking or harassment, all of those things are criminal in nature and all of those things can be actioned by the courts," Detective Senior Sergeant Barry Blundell of South Australia Police. These can be crimes and sometimes kids don’t tell their parents because the culprit has threatened them.

How could we let this happen? How could any harm children? The fact that it is happening makes me think of what the world will be like when we are all gone, can you imagine a world without emotionally stable humans it would be chaos. So what if it’s so long until it can happen? The fact is that it is going to happen. This attitude of saying “what’s the point, its years away,” is exactly the kind of thing that feeds bullies into to thinking that it’s okay, but it isn’t okay.

These are the facts it’s time to act. What are you going to do about it? You have a responsibility to treat others as you would have them treat you. We are all equal, maybe you haven’t learned that yet but it is true. We all have rights but with those rights come responsibilities, put your responsibilities before your rights and go help the people of tomorrow, go help the children!

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As you can see someone obviously put a great deal of thought, time and effort into this project. That someone happens to be me. In this short text I will explain the process I went through to make this project.

First I did a great deal of research regarding cyber bullying. I wanted to really have a good understanding of what I was going to be talking about. Then I wrote a 400 word written text about cyber bullying. After receiving a few comments or ideas about what I could do better, I chose to act on some of them but not all of them because I would sometimes think that I wouldn’t need to do something to make my text better. I then annotated my text using thing link. After I had finished my written text I started on my visual text which I drew on paper and then scanned into the computer to annotate. I then uploaded my work to an adobe spark page.

I like to think that I put an equal amount of effort for everything, however I think I did extra well on my text rather than anything else. I did have one thing that would have wanted to do and that was that I had this tablet that I can use to draw pictures on my computer however I wasn’t able to hook the tablet up with my school laptop. As I mentioned before I did need help to annotate the two texts but I also found that referencing my work was quite difficult. The main thing about the art of persuasion that I have learned is Ethos, Logos and Pathos. The powers of Ethics, Emotion and Logic are huge when it comes to persuasion, they are powerful and really useful. I have learned so much from Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.

By Jake Wasiliev

Thank You

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