The Education in Finland A BRIEF INTRODUCTION

Finnish Education System

Finnish Education System is based on trust, responsibility and the philosophy of inclusion. Finnish education is mostly publicly funded. The schools have highly educated teaching personnel and educational autonomy is high at all levels. First national examination is at the end of general upper secondary education.


  • Gives space for local variations
  • Everyone must have equal access to high-quality education and training
  • Everyone has equal opportunities
  • The curriculum emphasizes the joy of learning
  • The concept of phenomenon-based learning, a move towards inter-disciplinary topics is supported
  • Special needs education is generally provided within mainstream education
  • Learning outside the classroom is common -learning is not depending on time or place.

Transversal Competences

Teacher’s task

Teacher’s task is to instruct and guide students to become lifelong learners. The pedagogical approach is in the student-centered interactive and inspiring learning sessions that enhance students’ creativity, critical thinking and participation.


Students set goals, solve problems and assess their learning based on set targets.

Learning is an active, goal-oriented and self-motivated action

Enjoy your visit to Finland!


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