Athens & Sparta Amelia Trautman

This picture describes many of the differences between Athens and Sparta. The main difference between them is that Sparta focuses on fighting and battle, and Athens focuses on building the mind. Athens flourished in school and learning, with a well developed system where they learned things such as singing and art, while Sparta did not do much of this. Athens is located along the coast, so they fight best as a navy. Sparta is in the middle of Peloponnesus so the focus on building armies. Another difference was their government, while Athens is a democracy and Sparta is a oligarchy. Athens government worked best because they treated the rich and the poor equally. Unfortunately, Sparta did not prefer to collect ideas from other city-states so they stuck with unfair oligarchs who favored the rich. Lastly, being on the coast Athens provided the goods they needed by trade with other city-states. Sparta did not interact with other places so they made it hard for people to trade with them and they stayed away from that concept. As you can see, Athens and Sparta are two very different city states in Greece.

Athens & Sparta

Amelia Trautman


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