Chapter 11.1 By Elijah

1.)Dictator - a leader who has absolute power and rules a nation by force .

2.)Anti- Semism - dislike of or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic , or racial group

3.)Totalitarian seeking to control all aspects of life through dictatorial control

4.)Appeasment- the policy of giving in demands of others in an effort to keep peace

5.)World War 2 started in Europe , and the United States found itself drawn in- despite the widespread desire for neutrality

6.)Preisdent Roosevelt won a third term in 1940. Many Americans were reluctant to change presidents with the world at war

7.)Blitzkrieg - fast , sudden attack by massed forces.

8.)Disarment - giving up military weapons

9.)Mussolini and Hitler were totalitarian leaders who shared a similar sets of beliefs

10.)Hitler formed an alliance with Italy in 1936

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