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"The Kids will be in college before you know it", they said.

I never believed them, we have YEARS I thought...but in the blink of an eye my kids are 12 and 9, it does go by quick - birth to college is under 7,000 days! So take those pictures of your babies, your toddlers, your high school seniors, your parents, your siblings and your special occasions, because the days are long but the years are short. Scroll down to see how I can help you preserve this beautiful, fleeting time.

Capture the Beauty

My daughter

And the Story of your family

My son

Family Photography Sessions

We meet for a shoot at a location of your choice. The cost for a 90 minute session is $350, you will receive 40 or more professionally edited digital copies of your images. I can also create a keepsake photo book for an additional fee of $50

Freeze time before your oldest leaves for college
Capture their sweet smiles
They'll be grown in the blink of an eye!

New Born Photography

I'll come to your home or the hospital/birthing center to document the magical moments of your baby's birth or early days. the charge for this 2 hour session is $350, i will deliver edited images digitally. for an additional $50 I can create a keepsake photo book.

An angel with his Mama
The apple of his Papa's Eye

Event Photography

hire me to capture your special events, from birthdays, to anniversaries, to thread ceremonies and grandparents' visits. My charge for complete event coverage up to 3 hours is $450.

Thread Ceremony
Coming of Age 'Thread Ceremony'
The Joy of being the birthday girl!
Special Family Events with Grandparents

Live Performance Photograpby

Hire me to photograph your music, dance or theater performance. My rate for a live performance is $450. This includes complete coverage of the stage show as well as backstage excitement.

Live Dance Performance Photography
Live Show Photography
Bharatnatyam Dancer in-flight!
Joseph Gordon Levitt at Sneaks Adobe Max 2014

Pop-up Studio Set Up at Party

hosting a fun party? A girls night in? Want to have a professional photographer take some fabulous glam photos? or fun photos with BOAS, FUNKY WIGS, HUMOR, JOY AND FUN? I will set up a photo backdrop, bring in lights and stay for 3 hours for $450. For an additional $125 I can bring a makeup artist.

Party Fun

Contact me for a session at anjalika@gmail.com or call me at 512.289.8538. Let's capture the beauty of your life today!

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Anjalika Sharma

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